By Liquiform Graphics & Toxic Toad
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Toxic Toad glow additives are a non-toxic and environment friendly automotive paint additive you can add to your auto paint clear products of your choice. With 6 colors to choose from and with the right ratio's, application, and method you can make any of your auto body paint projects a real hit with your customers. With this unique process and application you can give your project a brilliant smooth true OEM auto body finish that will glow for hours. The possibilities are endless with Toxic Toad Glow Additives.
We have teamed up with what we refer to as a mad scientist. He is a Chemical Engineer named Marvin in Nevada with ANSCHEM, and a genius. We have developed a static hydrographic activator that does not have the "burn" that most activators have. The term "burn " is not a reference to burning the skin, but burning out the film shortly after application. We tested our activator against the bigger competitors, mainly to test the burn. We tested a carbon fiber pattern, in 88 degree water, with 5 of the competitors activator, and a stop watch. The fastest burn was 15 seconds after application.  The longest of the 5 was 33 seconds. Our activator went over 60 seconds before it started to disrupt the film. Now all film is not created equal, this is true, and it has been said by some companies that you have to use different activator on different films. This is not true in our case.  If their products are working for you, don't change if you are comfortable with it. But I will say this about our activator, our activator can do all the major films, either in aerosol form or in liquid form. We tested it on about 58 patterns from the major manufacturers to dial in our activator. And we hit it! 

    We also  have formulated a vinyl base paint to work specifically with the activator. It dries faster and  bonds better with almost any
 surface, even glass, that has just went into production and will soon be available. And we will be offering a  4-6oz aerosol can of activator and our vinyl base coat which has been asked about by several people in the last few weeks. That too will be going into effect in the coming weeks.

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